Geoff Connor serves as Director of Strategy for the Clements Center, and helps develop the Center’s role as a training center for future national security officials and scholars. Among other responsibilities, Geoff helps to identify and coordinate initiatives to promote awareness of the Center in both public and private sectors. He is also overseeing the compilation of the defense and national security papers of Governor Clements from his service to Presidents Nixon, Ford, and Reagan.
Geoff initially worked for then-Governor Clements 1988-91 immediately out of law school. He went on to be general counsel of two state agencies before being appointed Texas Secretary of State 2003-05 under Governor Perry. Geoff has worked at the Akin Gump and Jackson Walker law firms, as well as other private sector roles as an advisor and consultant.
Geoff received a BA in International Studies with a concentration in European Affairs from Texas State University in 1985. He worked as a defense analyst for the British House of Lords in 1985 before entering law school at the University of Texas. He graduated and was admitted to the Bar in 1988, and has been board-certified in Administrative Law since 1995. He also completed a graduate certificate program in Intelligence Studies at Texas A&M’s Bush School of Government
Geoff has led numerous trade missions on behalf of the state of Texas and has hosted trade delegations and heads of state from many major foreign powers. Geoff has been appointed to political assessment missions in El Salvador and Nicaragua and has served as an official election observer in Liberia, Georgia and Ukraine. He is also a founding director of Warm Heart International, an Episcopal charity performing relief efforts in Africa.
Geoff is also currently pursuing a doctorate in history at the University of Texas, with an emphasis in diplomatic history and foreign relations. Geoff is a JAG officer in the Texas State Guard and active in numerous civic, professional and charitable organizations.

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